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Ask Author Law

Where do you get these questions? Do you make them up? It seems like you are biased.

Ask Author Law is a Q&A blog about legal issues for authors. I am a practicing attorney, freelance writer, and publishing consultant. I focus my law practice on the representation of authors, often consulting with or serving as co-counsel to other attorneys on publishing cases. This information is for general purposes only and is not legal advice. Asking a question or reading an answer does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Q: Where do you get these questions? Do you make them up? It seems like you are biased.

A: These questions come from many sources. Some have been asked at writers conferences or classes where I have presented. Many have been updated from a column I wrote for many years in the newsletter of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. A few have reached me via Twitter. And some are composites of common questions that come up often. I guess you could say that those composite questions are “made up” in the sense that they were not directed to me by a single individual. But all are definitely questions that I have been asked. Most questions have come from writers, but some have come from those who disagree with my advice.

When I decided to begin blogging and tweeting a few months ago I decided to use this Q and A format as a way to address common legal issues faced by writers, authors, freelancers and other “content creators” i(in the parlance of today). Law is a second career for me after many years as a journalist, freelance writer, book author, and writing instructor. I went to law school with the express intention of learning how to represent my fellow writers and that is where my law practice is focused. And yes, I freely admit to a pro-author bias. I am a staunch supporter of authors’ rights and firmly against copyright piracy. I definitely believe that copyright law, although not perfect, remains relevant and important today.

I cannot answer questions personally via email. If you have a question for me, the best way to ask it is in a comment below. (Comments are moderated and I don’t encourage general discussion.) As I become a more experienced blogger, I will try to set up a contact area on this website so you can submit questions directly. In the meantime, I have a backlog of questions to answer. Thanks for asking.
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